PLA 27GA exercise memorial patch

As I know, there are 3 kinds of functions in PLA patches, unit identification, position/title identification, and mission/exercise memorial identification.

The following patch you sww is a memorial patch of 27 group army (GA),see 5 digit unit code 66267, they are not only wear on sleeves of camo uniform, they also mark on combat boot!!

The 27th Group Army, located in Shijiazhuang, is comprised of five brigade-sized units.

  • U/I Armored BDE [Unit 66075]
  • 135 Motorized Infantry BDE [Unit 66220]
  • U/I Motorized Infantry BDE [Unit 66172]
  • U/I Artillery BDE [Unit 66077]
  • U/I AAA BDE [Unit 66010]

THe 27th Group Army, traces its lineage to World War II as part of the 8th Route Army. Sometime following the end of the war the unit was reassigned, redesignated and reorganized as the 9th Column of the Eastern China Field Army. It was initially organized with the 5th and 6th Division and the 3rd Reserve Brigade. According to Xinhui from China Defense.com the unit was reorganized in March 1947 with the 25th, 26th and 27th Division. Following its reorganization the unit participated in the Shangdong campaign. The unit also took part in the Battle of Wei County, where the 29th Regiment, 25th Division earned the title "Wei County Regiment" for the units gallant service.

In September 1948 the unit took part in the battle for Jinan. The 9th Column then participated in the battle of Huaihai where it confronted and destroyed the KMT Huang Bo Tao Army Group.

In February 1949 the unit was redesignated and reorganized as the 27th Corps. In 1949 the 27th Corps was comprised of the 79th, 80th and 81st Divisions. The unit took part in the assault on Shanghai.

The 27th Corps was part of the first contingent of Chinese forces to be deployed to Korea in October 1950 to fight against United Nations forces. in 1950 the 27th and its officers were considered some of the very best within the PLA. During the war roughly 80 percent of two "Hero Regiments" of the 27th Corps were lost to disease. (Whitson p. 96) The 27th returned to China in 1952. During the Civil War the 27th took part in the Nanking Campaign against Nationalist Forces.

In June 1989 the 27th Group Army and its organic elements were ordered to suppress the student demonstrations in Tiananmen Square.

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