Common Mapping Production System (CMPS)

The Common Mapping Production System (CMPS) provides capability to produce standardized mapping, charting, Geodesy and Imagery (MCG&I) products used in mission planning systems. It enables users to import data derived from standard military digital cartographic products on distribution media organized for use in measurement, display and related manipulations. CMPS will make Compressed Mapping (55:1) and imagery (8:1) data for joint MCG&I Users. CMPS will also provide capability to digitally update maps (DCHUM).
The AFMSS program began in 1990. An interim version, Block C1.5, is fielded for six USAF aircraft types. Block C2.0 software completed development in 2QFY97 and is currently undergoing operational test and evaluation (OT&E) for the following aircraft types: B-2, F-117, KC-135R, F-15E with AGM-130, B-52H, A-10, F-15 MSIP, C-27, EF-111, F-16C/D Block 40/50, C-130E/H, and C-130P/N. Block C2.1 software merges requirements of Air Force aircraft and those of the U.S. Special Operations Command into a common software version. Block C2.1 software is completing development and will undergo OT&E during FY98 on the following aircraft types: MC-130E, HH/MH-60G, C-17, B-1B, RC-135V/U, E-8, MC-130H, MH-53J, AC-130H, MC-130P, EC-130H, and AC-130U.
Special Focus areas include the Common Low Observable Auto Router (CLOAR) - and the integration of the CLOAR with AFMSS products. CLOAR provides autorouting and threat analysis capability to low observable airframes including F-111A, F-22 and the B-2.

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