About the F-16 fighter turnaround time

I have heard that the average turnaround time of F-16 is 5hr 10min to 5hr 30 min for 1 sorty, is there anyone who have comments? will be appreciate.
Here I find an information from F-16.net http://www.f-16.net/varia_article6.html
about Daily ground operations with the Viper, about turnaround, it said:

Integrated Combat Turnaround

An integrated combat turnaround is the simultaneous munitions loading, fuel servicing, and the quick turnaround inspection of the aircraft in wartime situations.
The team consists of a Crew chief "A man", a Crew chief "B man", a weapons "1 man", "2 man", and "3 man". Also there is a POL specialist (the person that drives the fuel truck).
The aircraft is first marshalled into the ICT area.
The Crew chief "B man" is responsible for chocking, checking the aircraft brakes for overheated conditions, checking the aircraft tires for serviceability, and doing an overall check for aircraft battle damage.
After the initial checks are done and the aircraft is thought to be serviceable for it's next sortie, the weapons crew is then cleared in to start loading munitions.
The Crew chief "A man" is responsible for inspecting the engine inlet and the front frame of the engine for foreign object damage and for being the supervisor for the refuel operations.
The Crew chief "B man" is responsible for inspecting the entire aircraft, servicing, overpressure indicators (delta P's), and checking oil chip detectors are just some of his duties.
After the munitions are loaded by the weapons crew and the Crew chief "A man" finishes signing off the inspections in the aircraft forms, the jet is ready for it's next combat sortie.

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