Norway offers F-16 jet fighters to Libya mission

Source: Norway Post

“Norway is prepared to provide up to six F-16 fighter aircraft to participate in the enforcement of Security Council resolution 1973,” Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said following the summit meeting in Paris on Saturday.

At the summit, Støre said that Norway strongly supports the historic resolution adopted by the Security Council two days ago. For the first time, the Security Council invokes the principle of Responsibility to Protect as the primary reason for authorizing the use of force against a Member State.

As a firm believer in this novel principle, and in the importance of an UN-led world order, Norway stands ready to contribute to its full implementation, through political, military and humanitarian means, the Prime Minister said.

"In addition to military contributions, Norway stands ready to help develop a broad and effective response, including economic sanctions, international legal action, and a well coordinated humanitarian assistance", Prime Minister Stoltenberg said in Paris.

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